Karak is a work in progress. Constant, iterative improvement of the security mechanisms that safeguard Karak mainnet users is a top priority for the entire Karak community. The Karak Protocol strives to be clear and transparent about the security of Karak mainnet and the Karak Protocol as a whole.

Karak Mainnet Multisig


A team multisig comprised of 7 signers distributed across the globe. For routine operations, upgrades, and maintenance, the multisig requires 4/7 signatures to execute. Also, the multisig owns a timelock which owns the core contracts. To ensure maximal security, this timelock has a minimum 2-day delay period.


To ensure pauses are prompt, 4 team wallets are given a manager role which strictly enables them to pause the Karak contracts in an emergency situation, but hold no other privileges.

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